Now Let's Implement it on
Your Game to Dominate the Mats
Without training any extra...

As seen in :

as seen in

The "Traditional" 

BJJ Approach
is Broken.

Whether you’re a hobbyist,


Or looking to compete


The idea of rocking up to class
Learning random, unrelated moves


Isn't going to make you better.


So if you’re

Feeling like you're "Wasting Sessions"

Reaching a Plateau, without any improvement

Feeling helpless in confusing spots, with no way out

Constantly getting embarassed by higher belts

Forgetting and unable to execute moves on higher belts

Lacking motivation, purpose & direction in your game

It’s not your fault...

You Need A Gameplan

Specifically for Your BJJ Journey

Just like the Pros,

The second you have a clear roadmap...

Knowing exactly where you want to go

(Whether it’s Purple Belt or ADCC)

& The type of BJJ player you want to be

Based on your unique strengths

Everything changes.

Enjoy Training

Rock up to training with a clear sense of purpose and direction.

Make Sense

Because they’re factored into your overall gameplan.

Improve Faster than ever

Leapfrog training partners who previously embarrassed you.

Tap higher belts

Effortlessly pull off new moves on higher belts.

Collect Belts Faster

Upgrade your belts in months instead of years.

Win Competitions

Dominate your local circuit and start collecting  gold

All because you have a BJJ gameplan
Built specifically for you.

But, not everyone has a 1-1 coach to work with them...

Josh Saunders

Meet Your New Coach

Brown Belt & ADCC in just 23 months

Josh Saunders

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1,000+ Students Mentored Online

"...I can honestly say it's the BEST INVESTMENT I've made since I've started Jiujitsu. What I love about the lessons and the course itself is it's an all-encompassing approach. Josh comes everything from choosing a gym, a coach.."

"...the best part about this program for me is just the availability of Josh. He's constantly ready to answer questions and even. Practically give you guys personal lessons on demand...this is going to be, one of the BEST COMMUNITIES SLASH DISCORD.."

"...part of the White to Brown community, and so far, I think what I've got out of it is that it's really got me thinking to, in terms of asking questions to think about...in terms GIVING ME BETTER RESPONSES FROM WHAT I AM ASKING, then I'm able to transfer that to my game on the mats, which I think is pretty cool..."

Now, Let Me Mentor You, Inside:

From White to Brown Belt

Community, Video Breakdowns & Support to

Level Up Your Game & Dominate the Mats
as Fast as Possible

course vs 2

Let's Build Your
BJJ Gameplan...

White to Brown Belt Course

Guided program breaking down the exact step-by-step system I used to go from beginner to Brown Belt & ADCC in 2023 months.

Phone vs2
Private Group Chat

Get direct access to a me, ask questions, and get personalised audio & video replies on your questions.

multiple device
Video Library

A growing collection of breakdowns and tutorials available 24/7 to solve your BJJ problems and boost confidence.

Move Matrix

Track your progress in every single move & position to identify your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to build your game and improve faster.

Meal Plan
Training Protocols

Done-for-you Injury Prevention Workouts, Strength and Conditioning Workouts, Diet Plans & Recovery Protocols.

training mockup
Visualization Drilling

Get my science-based "Move Visualisation Process" to drill moves in your head & start internalising lethal moves.

Join 100+ Members Dominating Their Gyms:

"..there's about a 100 PEOPLE in it now. It's PRETTY INSANE. There's, um, everyone's trying to help each other ask questions in there. Everyone's there to help each other..."

"..the best thing I've learned from THIS PROGRAM IS HAVING A GOAL IN MIND when I come into the gym. Aside from the class, um, I would DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED this whites brown belt if you're serious about juujitsu, not only for the chorus, but also because of the community and constant feedback from Josh..."

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Join today and if you don’t think it was worth the value I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Save $2,900+

When You Join
“White to Brown Belt” Today

Join today, & you’ll get access to:

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White to Brown Belt Course

Private Telegram Group

Personalised Video Replies

Video Library

Move Matrix

Injury Prevention Workouts

Strength and Conditioning Workouts

Diet Plans

Recovery Protocols

Guided Visualization Training

Total Value: $3,000

Today's Price

$44 USD

Paid monthly. Cancel any time.

Real Wins
from Students

"..Josh Saunders has been a great help. It's like HAVING YOUR OWN PERSONAL INSTRUCTOR. On retainer, anytime I have questions, he's there with great video responses or examples to use, and a great course that goes along with his work that lets you get the most outta your training..."

"..everything that's come outta this program has HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY. I'm a brand new white belt. I've been able to compete and hold my own against the higher belts, some browns, purples...everything Josh has been putting into THIS PROGRAM HAS ABSOLUTELY WORKED and a planet day by day, and I can't wait to see, uh, where we go from here."

Spots Closing Soon

Spots are open only a few times a year to make sure I can get back to everybody.

Don’t miss out, join today before spots close.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed to help you progress as quickly as possible. However, everyone's journey in BJJ is unique, and the pace of progress can vary depending on your prior experience, dedication, and time you can dedicate to practice.
Absolutely! While the course does contain elements that will help those looking to compete, the majority of the content is aimed at improving your overall BJJ skills, which will benefit you whether you're a hobbyist or a competitor.
The more time you can dedicate, the faster you'll improve. But even if you can only train once or twice a week, the guided visualization training included in the course will help you improve quickly.
Yes, the course is designed to be flexible. You can access it 24/7 from any device, and the guided visualization training allows you to practice moves in your head from home, making it a perfect fit for busy schedules.
The course is designed to help students at all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a blue belt, you will find valuable insights and techniques to improve your game.
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In the community, you can ask specific positional questions and even submit training or competition footage for video breakdowns. This custom feedback is designed to help you solve your BJJ problems quickly.
The diet plan provided in the course is a general guideline. It's always recommended to consult with a nutritionist or healthcare provider to tailor any diet plan to your specific needs.
New tools and training are added to the community every single week. This keeps the content fresh and relevant to the evolving world of BJJ.
The program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you go through the program and don’t find it valuable, you can request a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.
The program only opens for new intakes a few times per year. To ensure you don’t miss the next one, it’s recommended to join the waitlist or check back on the page regularly.

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